A guide to what the PFTP Event Experience brings to your events.


The Party for the Podium format can be used to enable your event to enhance Athlete personal appearances or just recreate those iconic sporting moments.


Party for the Podium (PFTP) , is an event experience created with and supported by over 800 Athletes and 17 sports agencies in the UK, Canada and US, at its heart is an interactive medal ceremony enhancing Athlete personal appearances (PA's) for audiences and hosts alike.


Over the last few months, we have demonstrated the formats ability to deliver extensive return on investment for event sponsors and hosts for any corporate or audience from any country.


What we do:

  • We take over a small area of your event space to create a photo staging area, through which we operate the interactive 'Medal Ceremony' format.
  • Following your instructions, we create a fully branded stage that generates attention from your event audiences and leverages your event sponsors
  • If required, source locally based athletes, the format can simply be licensed to enhance existing planned Athlete personal appearances. (Click here for details) 
  • We can also operate an athlete free experience, cheaper but equally effective and fun! (Click here for details).
  • The backdrops carry hosts / sponsors branding to reinforce the visual message, a few examples from previous events follow.   




UKTI TRADE STAND: British Business Club


These images are then placed into a post event on-line montage to encourage a call to action for your event

audience to revisit your website etc…some recent examples can be viewed here:



  • Conference / Exhibition Networking Parties. 
  • Corporate Balls and Ticketed Events.
  • Outdoor Summer Parties.
  • Christmas Parties
  • Outdoor / Indoor Events.
  • National Houses
  • July and August 2012 (using retired legends).


The format can be licensed to your event or we can come along and run the experience for you. The licence suits all budgets.


For further information, please ring David Cotton on 0117 907 1427.



Party for the Podium is the sole intellectual property of David Cotton and logo, format and title are registered trademarks.